Hair Lowlighting

hair lowlighting “I am an experienced hair lowlighting expert conveniently located in Scottsdale, AZ.”

Hair lowlighting (w/organic color) is a healthy, wonderful way to accent your current hair style and add depth or further tone dimension to your current base and highlights. In a sense, by combining the two, you are progressing from 2 to 3 dimensions of tone and will experience a fuller, more rich color experience.

When weaving or highlighting your hair on a consistent basis, often you will drift into a lighter color over time that you would like to tone back down or reapply some darker shading to areas. This is a excellent situation for lowlighting.

Lowlights also serve as a great means of natural color progression when changing your hair color for seasonal purposes or for subtle transitions. As with highlights, you can go from extremely subtle to very loud and anywhere in between. By applying slight variances in tone, over time, you can transition full, multiple shade variances and completely change your appearance gradually, while looking beautiful on different levels through the entire process and completely avoiding the huge ‘tone jump’.

An experienced colorist can be of assistance with the proper steps that are specifically appropriate for your personal situation based on your natural hair color, current hair color, hair style, hair type, skin tone, facial structure, eye shape and color. This way you achieve the exact effect you are looking for while working with your natural attributes and features as well. The end result is a stunning look that fully compliments your natural beauty.

As with all of our organic hair coloring processes and systems, there are no harsh chemicals or damage to your hair as a result of application. Organic colors are beautiful, rich and very hard to tell from natural color when applied properly by a professional colorist.

Hair Highlighting

hair highlighting

“I am an experienced hair highlighting expert conveniently located in Scottsdale, AZ.”

By applying hair highlighting to your natural hair color or first applying a solid organic color base, followed by highlighting, you can add subtle to dramatic highlights to your hair that completely redefine your appearance, look and feel.

As with all of our organic hair color system processes, there are no harsh chemicals or damage to your hair. The all natural colors are very hard to discern from your real color when applied properly by a professional hair colorist and will radiate and vary according to surrounding lighting and more specifically, sunlight.

The result is beautiful, healthy, shiny hair with added color and brightness that brings attention to your hair, eyes, facial structure and overall appearance. The color combinations are virtually endless!

Lowlights may also be combined with highlights for a deeper, added dimension to your end result.

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