Hair Highlighting

hair highlighting

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By applying hair highlighting to your natural hair color or first applying a solid organic color base, followed by highlighting, you can add subtle to dramatic highlights to your hair that completely redefine your appearance, look and feel.

As with all of our organic hair color system processes, there are no harsh chemicals or damage to your hair. The all natural colors are very hard to discern from your real color when applied properly by a professional hair colorist and will radiate and vary according to surrounding lighting and more specifically, sunlight.

The result is beautiful, healthy, shiny hair with added color and brightness that brings attention to your hair, eyes, facial structure and overall appearance. The color combinations are virtually endless!

Lowlights may also be combined with highlights for a deeper, added dimension to your end result.

Organic Color

organic color systems

“If you are searching for an affordable hair salon specializing in organic hair color, look no further.”

I use the latest in organic color products for all over color, touch-up, highlight and lowlight effects, and color correction.

Organic hair color is a great way to add natural dimension to your hair without the harsh chemicals normally associated with hair coloring. The result is rich, shiny, radiant, healthy hair that looks like your true color. Throw away the bleach, go green, and make yourself colorfully beautiful the all natural way!

“Please enjoy these Organic Color images of my actual clients!”

Organic Color and Highlights
Not only is Cathy’s hair soft, radiant, and shiny, but the natural organic color tones match her complexion and eyes perfectly. Cathy has a dark copper base with bright dark copper highlights. Thanks Cathy!

Organic Color, Highlights and Lowlights
Alex is great example of using organic color combinations to accomplish blonde styles that are natural looking with deep dimension. We applied a combination of highlights and lowlights to accomplish a rich, beautiful end result that is warm and multidimensional. Thanks Alex!

Organic Color and Highlights
Angela’s all-over organic color is medium golden brown with soft golden blonde highlights applied. She is also wearing a Jessica Simpson® wiglet (or weft) in these photos. We will be matching the weft to blend with her new colors during her next visit. She went from an existing solid dark brown to this beautiful and colorful organic color combination. Thanks Angela!

Organic Highlights
Stacie chose to add some highlights to compliment her natural color and apply some pizazz to her beautiful, long hair. The difference is amazing and Stacie simply loves the added dimension. Thanks Stacie!

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